OMsL Contest Rules

Oklahoma Ms. Leather Contest Rules I. Mission Each year during the Oklahoma Ms. Leather (OMsL) weekend, a contestant is chosen to represent the women’s alternative sex positive community (Leather/kink/BDSM which we will call leather from here on out) both locally and nationally on behalf of the Oklahoma Ms. Leather Contest. They will be chosen based on their ability to articulate their views, passion and dedication and how they plan to live out their title year. They will act as a mentor, educator, a role model and a spokesperson during their title year. We are looking for an individual who can be articulate, professional, and capable of communication and outreach both to leather and non-leather communities worldwide. 1. Contestant Requirements • The Oklahoma Ms. Leather Contest is open to persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity (as long as Contestants are comfortable representing the Ms. Title for the year). We also honor other dimensions of diversity such as race, religious/spiritual beliefs and/or political affiliation. • To be eligible to enter the Oklahoma Ms. Leather Contest, Contestants must be at least 21 years of age by Friday of OMsL Weekend (May 19, 2017) and have a valid form of ID that is current through Sunday, May 22, 2017). • The Oklahoma Ms. Leather Contest is a competition for a women’s title. Each contestant must self-identify as part of women’s leather community and must be willing to represent the title of Oklahoma Ms. Leather during their title year. • In running for this title, the contestants become public figures as brand representatives of OMsL which can impact contestant’s personal life and career. Contestants, of course, are welcome to use a scene name, as the visibility of competing and winning the title can bring to light contestant‘s private and professional life. • Contestants will be required to contribute a basket for the auction, which will benefit the OMsL travel funds exclusively. These items should reflect contestant personality, hometown or region, sponsors and/or a theme of the Contestants choosing. Contestants are allowed one four foot table to display their items during the Friday night events before the actual auction on Saturday. Once items are displayed for auction, they become the property of OMsL. Each contestant will do the actual set up on Friday during their assigned time. The judges will then walk through the display area and will score the display as part of the leather image score. It does not matter how many items are on display, the goal is to create a visual appealing display that represents the contestant! • Contestants must agree to be photographed and be referred to by legal name or chosen alias (as specified on Contestant Application) in future publications as decided by the OMsL producers (such as the media releases, a video of the contest, on the web, and in internet/print promotional/publicity materials for OMsL). All images are the property of OMsL and the producers. Each Contestant shall be required to sign a photo release. • The winner agrees to the following rules and requirements of their title year: • Attend OML or WILL and at least 1 other leather contest during tile year • Represent Leather in a positive manner though out the community • Promote unity, comradery, brother/sisterhood though out the community • Participate in OMsL 2017 activities including but not limited to stepping down and judging. • March in at least two of the following three City Pride Parades: Tulsa, OKC, Enid • March in at least one out of state City Pride Parade. • Must compete in the International Ms. Leather contest the following April. • Must conduct self in a professional manner while representing OMsL • Host at least 3 fundraisers. One for the charity of contestant’s choice, One for OMsL travel fund, and one for the OMsL contest the following year. • If the above requirements are not met the winner will relinquish the title to the first runner-up • III. Structure of Contest The contest weekend starts Friday, May 19, 2017 at the first orientation meeting (to be held at host hotel at 5pm). Judges and attendees can be anywhere and are looking at how contestants are responding to them as well as other people. Being friendly, open and enthusiastic is contagious. Contestants will also be judged on how Contestants interact with the other contestants. Contestant numbers will be drawn during the Introduction of Contestants on Friday night. All contestants are expected to attend the brunch on Sunday regardless of win or lose to support the new titleholder. Personal Interview (40 points) – 30 minutes Interviews are open to weekend attendees (note: Interviews are not open to other contestants or primary handlers) as well as the judges and will be held on Saturday. • (10 Points) Each contestant will be asked to present a short demo/teaching moment (7 minutes maximum) when they come in for their interview. This can be on any topic and does not require PowerPoint’s, handouts or any other materials, however, if included it is the responsibility of the contestant to gain access to the required materials. The judges want to see how Contestants present and respond in front of an audience. • (30 points)The judging panel will interview the contestants for a period of 15-20 minutes. Questions may include (but are not limited to) community contributions, personal history, leather history and current events. Fantasy (20 points) To be performed on stage during the contest on Saturday. The fantasy performance must not exceed 4 minutes and should be planned to be performed within a 10’x10’ area on the stage. Contestants should consider the ease of setting up props (30 seconds to get set up on stage & 30 seconds to take down), selecting and editing any music (no Disney music) and decide who will be in the fantasy. This year, contestants may include media (still photos or video clips) on the main stage screens as part of the fantasy. Thinking about the fantasy, originality scores points with the judges. On site, the fantasy performance will be rehearsed to include sound and lights and additional coaching. The fantasies are the highlight of the contest and we look to provide the highest possible production value. Contestants will receive more specific instructions directly from the Contestant Coordinator. Speech/Formal Wear (20 points) Contestants will present a two-minute prepared speech (on any topic of their choice) on stage during the contest on Saturday in their formal leather. This is designed to showcase your ability to get up in front of an audience, connect with them and motivate them! Although mics will not be turned off, judges will be informed if the speech exceeds 2 minutes which may impact your potential score. Hotwear/Pop Question (10 points) The contestants will have the opportunity to show the audience and judges the outfit that makes them feel sexiest! Contestants will draw a pop question, be given a chance to read it, then the MC will read it to the audience and Contestants will have a mic to answer the question! Avoid simply saying yes or no; contestants should show off a quick wit and spontaneous side! Public Image (10 points) Throughout the weekend the judges will observe how the contestants present themselves and interact with the general public. Whether rehearsing or socializing, the judges will be looking for a contestant with strong communication skills, politeness, a willingness to share knowledge and a genuine desire to help build community (5 points). Your silent auction display will be included in this judging (3 points). The den staff will also observe how Contestants respond up to and during the contest weekend. The Contestant Coordinator will provide a report to the judges on contestant compliance (2 points).